3 Year Old Class – The Bumblebees   bumblebee

The Bumblebees 3s classroom encourages the child’s cognitive and social skills.  Each active morning provides the students with hands-on learning opportunities and spontaneous social interactions.  Experiencing successful outcomes under the guiding hand of the teachers, leads toward healthy self-esteem.  The teacher/student ratio is 2:16.


Miss Karen 3s Lead Teacher 

This year will mark Karen Broome’s 21st year teaching here at Valley Christian Preschool.  She is a pro!  Miss Karen has been a teacher at VCP since it began in 1996.  She says it has been an honor and blessing here, partnering with hundreds of families over the years in their child’s early education.  Teaching has enabled Karen to use her education, skills and talents to foster a love of learning, creating a magical environment where childhood is honored.  Karen’s been a strong advocate for Valley Christian Preschool, saying it is not only a school where the children are valued but their families are as well.  She strives to build lasting relationships while creating a community within the walls of her classroom.

Karen and her co-teacher, Miss Jennifer, work very hard to inspire children to explore, investigate, create and communicate from the moment they walk through the door.  They love what they do, and feel privileged that their preschool kids enjoy great success in school.

Karen is the oldest of seven, the mother of three grown children and a grandmother to two grandchildren, a beautiful young granddaughter and a new baby grandson.   She draws from her experiences, and is open, approachable and a resource to parents during the navigation of these early years of development.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, traveling, music and dance, gardening, sports and cozy nights at home watching a movie!

She is inspired by the quote “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about,”  adding “Though I am a teacher, I am constantly learning and seeing the world through the children’s eyes.”


Miss Jennifer3s Teacher  006-jennifer-portrait-4

Jennifer VanDitti has taught in VCP’s 3s classroom alongside Miss Karen for 14 years, and they are known as the Dynamic Duo.  While her daughters were in grade school, Miss Jennifer spent time volunteering in her daughters’ classrooms and working part time as a classified substitute for the Beaverton School District.  In 2003 she returned to Valley Christian Preschool to teach in our 2 ½ year-old classroom.  The following year she was offered a position in the 3s classroom working with Miss Karen, and she has enjoyed teaching there ever since.

Miss Jennifer has lived in Portland her whole life.  She loves to spend time with her husband and their two daughters.  They enjoy barbecues in their backyard and spending time at the beach.   Miss Jennifer’s youngest daughter was among the first to attend Valley Christian Preschool when it first began in 1996.  Their family could not have been happier with their choice and to this day they are still very close with many of the friends she met at Valley.

What Jennifer loves about working with children is the laughter and excitement they bring to school each day.  No two days are ever alike and that is what makes going to “work” so much fun.