Snack Calendar

Snack Calendar

Snack time is an important part of our preschool morning. It is a time for fellowship, prayer, community, and an opportunity for your child to try some food items they might not try elsewhere.

We ask that all parents please remember:

· All snack items must be store-bought and nut-free due to allergies.

· Any vegetable or fruits which need slicing or cutting must be washed and prepared on site.

· Please do not pre-cut/slice at home. Pre-packaged sliced fruit/veggies is fine.

· We encourage healthy choices. Please NO chips, candy, cake, fruit snacks, sugary Popsicles, junk food, etc.

· Please choose two items. Each item should come from a different food group.

· Please bring enough for your child’s class as well as two teachers.

· Variety is appreciated by both teachers and the students.

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Grasshoppers (2 1/2s)

Find the May-June 2019 Grasshopper Snack Calendar here.

Bumblebees (3s & FPG)

Find the May-June 2019 Bumblebee Snack Calendar here.

Dragonflies (4s)

Find the May-June 2019 Dragonfly Snack Calendar here.