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About Our Preschool
developmentally appropriate curriculum

our philosophy

Children in the preschool ages of development learn best through actual experience and participation. We provide daily opportunity through hands on learning experiences and developmentally appropriate activities that allow for success and encourage advancement in all areas of your child’s growth and development.

Growth in young children occur in developmental stages, with each new stage building sequentially upon the last. Our classrooms are arranged with various learning centers that will aid in your child’s progression from one stage of development to the next by encouraging curiosity (“Why is the caterpillar building a chrysalis?”), building confidence (“Look what I made!”) and processing relationships (“I’ll be the dad and you be the baby!”). 

There will be opportunities to develop small muscle coordination and gain manual dexterity through manipulative play and the daily use of scissors, crayons, markers; to stimulate imaginations through puppetry, language arts, inventions, and dramatic play; and to develop creativity through various art experiences, such as play dough and many muscle opportunities.  Large muscle coordination will be developed through daily experiences in running, climbing, tricycle riding, and ball play. Spiritual development will be encouraged through songs and dramatic play, as well as a daily prayer at snack time. 


embracing childhood in partnership

our values

Christian Faith Principles We model and teach Christian faith principles such as love, patience, kindness, compassion, goodness, self control, gentleness, forgiveness, faithfulness, joy and humility.

Child-Centered Curriculum We believe children learn through play. Our teachers skillfully prepare and facilitate open-ended learning environments appropriate for child-initiated exploration.

Relationships We value each child and all people as unique gifts from God.

Continuing Education We value continuous learning and what it brings to our community.

Childhood We value childhood and its importance on ‘who’ young children become.
We believe it is our responsibility to be active in safekeeping it.

we love our teachers! 

teachers & parents

Valley Christian Preschool’s lead teachers are certified and trained in Early Childhood Education. Each staff member is knowledgeable in areas relating to child development, participating each year in professional development to increase our knowledge base.   We are not a Co-op preschool.  Our preschool is fully staffed and our parents are NOT required to volunteer in the classroom or on committees.  However, outside of Covid-times, parents are always welcome to visit and volunteer in the classroom anytime and we appreciate volunteer involvement. While COVID is still a risk, parents are invited into the classroom by invitation or appointment only. 




What Parents are Saying

“A wonderful preschool that nurtures and allows children to learn at their own pace.”

— Amy S

“We have been very happy with VCP! Over the last seven years one or more of our boys have been attending, and we have always felt welcome. The teachers are some of the most caring and compassionate teachers around. My boys made the transition to elementary school with flying colors, and I’m certain its due to what they learned and experienced while at VCP.”

— Molly R.

“A caring, loving environment… the perfect introduction to school for young children! Our son had a great experience and was well prepared for kindergarten.”       

– Andrea C